Getting Started With InstaMed: Healthcare’s Most Trusted Payments Network

Welcome to the InstaMed Developer Portal!

Here, you’ll find information and instructions to build a better healthcare payments experience with InstaMed. Our suite of healthcare payment solutions is robust across a wide range of implementation environments, flexible to changing consumer demands and compliant with the highest industry security standards.


The InstaMed Connect API supports the use of REST. REST is a lightweight and easy-to-learn technology used in all areas of web development for integration of web services.  

Explore our REST documentation.
  If you need a Sandbox API Key:

  "Outlet": {
    "MerchantID": "InstaMed",
    "StoreID": "1",
    "TerminalID": "1"
  "Amount": 1,
  "PaymentMethod": "Card",
  "Card": {
    "EntryMode": "key",
    "CardNumber": "5424180279791732",
    "Expiration": "04/25",
    "CVN": "123",
    "IsCardDataEncrypted": false,
    "IsEMVCapableDevice": false

Why build a better healthcare payments experience with InstaMed?

You can integrate InstaMed solutions into your existing systems and achieve the highest levels of security and compliance while delivering a consistent and exceptional user experience. This high level of integration is achieved in the following ways.

As a full stack solution, InstaMed offers a single environment for aggregating and maintaining custodial accounts as well as distributing funds.

Omnichannel Capability
Automatically post transactions across your system from any payment method and channel, including: online, mobile, front office, back office, over the phone, bank bill pay and at over 60,000 retail locations

PCI Level One Compliance
Achieve the highest levels of security and compliance for payment processing and reduce your annual PCI and PA-DSS compliance efforts

Embed Consumer Payments
Integrate payment capabilities into your existing consumer-facing portals, and leverage the InstaMed Secure Token to allow consumers to store payment methods for future use without sensitive card data touching your networks

Access to Advanced Payment Technologies
Accept Apple Pay, EMV and NFC transactions, as well as traditional payment options like credit/debit cards, eCheck and bank accounts

Consumer-Friendly Billing
Generate simple, easy-to-understand consumer statements and support bill consolidation, eStatement enrollment, automatic payments, consumer-facing portals and comprehensive staff-facing consumer profiles

Understand Consumer Benefit Information
Confirm and update consumer benefit eligibility, estimate consumer responsibility and simplify claims management

Contact us today about how InstaMed can augment your system of choice.

Security and Compliance

InstaMed is a PCI Level One v3.2 Service Provider. By leveraging options such as the InstaMed Secure Tokenpoint-to-point encryption (P2PE), single sign-on (SSO), you can significantly reduce your PCI compliance efforts.

“When InstaMed is properly deployed, it can significantly reduce the risk of a data breach and is one of the most effective data security programs available to merchants today.”

CoalFire Systems, a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA)