Disbursement Hub

Everything you need to process claims and remit payment for any provider.

  • Largest Network 
    InstaMed has the largest network of provider bank accounts. More transactions are handled electronically by InstaMed than anywhere else.
  • Achieve 80% ERA/EFT transaction
    We guarantee that 80%+ of your first year transactions will be processed electronically.
  • Support Provider EOPs and Member EOBs
    InstaMed supports payments to both providers and members as well as handling explanation of payments (EOP) and explanation of benefits (EOB) in electronic and print formats. 

Payment Methods

    Providers in our network receive electronic payments. 
  • Check
    Providers not in our network receive a paper check.
  • Virtual Card 
    A less expensive alternative to checks for providers not in our network. Virtual cards are processed by the provider like a credit card. 

Guaranteed Provider Adoption of ERA/EFT

Payers achieve an 80%+ ERA/EFT transaction adoption rate in the first year with InstaMed – guaranteed.  Read more information about the ERA/EFT Transaction Adoption Guarantee.