Consumer Payments

InstaMed delivers everything you need to collect and manage one-time and recurring healthcare payments.

Features and Benefits

  • Collect All Tender Types 
    Collect checks, cash, and all card types including EMV, NFC, swipe and manual. 
  • Collect Anywhere (Omnichannel) 
    Collect payments online, within app, in person, by mail or over the phone
  • Leverage InstaMed’s UI 
    Reduce development efforts and reduce compliance by embedding or linking to the production-tested, customizable InstaMed UI
  • InstaMed Connect APIs 
    Flexible integrations using our payment APIs, including REST, batch, webhook or polling

Security & PCI Compliance

InstaMed secures your payment channels. All payment collection transactions through InstaMed solutions reduce security and compliance risk. Transaction information like card and account numbers are removed from your applications and servers when you integrate payment collection with InstaMed. View the PCI Compliance section for more information.

Next Steps