Consumer Billing

InstaMed’s billing solutions support electronic billing (eStatement) and print & mail services for patients or members.

Features & Benefits

  • eStatements (Electronic Bills)
    Save print costs by having InstaMed deliver bills electronically! InstaMed also supports Enrolling for eStatements and viewing an electronic version of the billing statement within your application using eStatement embed SSO.
  • Multiple Payment Options 
    Allow online, phone, mail or other payments.
  • Automatic Payment
    Billing files can trigger automatic payment collection for enrolled consumers.
  • Custom Statements
    Minimize development efforts with InstaMed’s in-house statement customization. Bills support logos, barcodes, special instructions and more.
  • Print & Mail Services
    InstaMed can design your statements and handle print and mailing. InstaMed also maintains compatibility with other print vendors.

Integration Options

  • Billing through InstaMed
    Let InstaMed handle all your billing needs. This is the easiest method to integrate and offers the most benefits, including:
    • OneBill bill consolidation
    • Statement customization
    • eStatement adoption program
  • Billing through print vendor
    Use your own print vendor. InstaMed integrates with many vendors to provide override files and receive statement image files.