Patient Billing Address Exception File


  1. Customer submits Patient Statement Data File to InstaMed
  2. InstaMed processes submitted Patient Statement Data File and validates addresses against USPS database
  3. InstaMed generates patient address file to communicate CASS file errors and invalid addresses

Frequency: Daily at 5:00 AM ET  

Record ID: IMAEF10

Field #Field NameFormatMinMaxReq'dComment
1Record IDAN66YIMAEF10
2Client IDAN180Y123456
3Provider IDAN280O123456
4Group IDAN280Y
5Payment GroupAN280Y
6Statement NumberAN280CStatement number
7Patient First NameAN125Y
8Patient Middle NameAN125O
9Patient Last NameAN180Y
10Patient Account NumberAN280Y
11Previous Address 1AN1200Y
12Previous Address 2AN1200O
13Previous CityAN1100Y
14Previous StateAN22Y
15Previous ZipAN59Y
16New Address 1AN1200O
17New Address 2AN1200O
18New CityAN1100O
19New StateAN22O
20New ZipAN59O
21Move TypeAN110YF = Family; I = Individual
23StatusAN11YStatus code of completion
24Status DescriptionAN1256OStatus of completion
25Creation DateDT810Y