InstaMed receives a remittance from a Payer and makes it available via SFTP, through InstaMed Online or through single sign-on.

Use Cases

  • Automated posting of machine-readable remittances to a third-party practice management system
  • Manual posting of human-readable remittances to a third-party practice management system

Supported Formats

The following formats are supported for remittance transactions:

Electronic Remittance AdviceX12N 5010 X221 A1 835
X12N 4010 X091 A1 835
Electronic Remittance Advice (Medicare Only)National Standards Format v2

Note: InstaMed supports configuration options for outputting remittance files by payer with specific file naming characteristics versus the standard output, which combines all payer remittance files into a single file based on time received. Please contact your Implementations Manager for further details.

Data Flow

Integrations Options

Batch SFTP

Remittance files can be made available by SFTP in one of two ways:

  1. Put it in a folder on InstaMed’s SFTP site under your account
  2. Upload it to your SFTP

InstaMed Online

The simplest way to connect to InstaMed requires no integration at all. Leverage InstaMed Online directly without embedding the functionality into another system. 

Users can log into InstaMed online directly or through Single Sign-On. The remittance is displayed in a human readable format.