IDF Responses

Eligibility IDF Acknowledgement

The Eligibility IDF Acknowledgement file is intended for reconciliation purposes, whereas the InstaMed Connect IDF Acknowledgement file is intended for exception reporting. 

Eligibility IDF Acknowledgement Data Fields

Field #FieldFormatMinMaxComments
2RecordNumberNUM11Record (i.e., line) number of source error.
3RequestTypeAN120RecordID of source file/transaction.
4StatusAN11A = Accepted or R = Rejected.
5ErrorFieldAN125See Table 91.

Eligibility IDF Response

Field #Field NameFormatMinMaxComment
1Record ID“IMELR10”77
4TraceNumberAN138Used to match request to response.
5EligibilityTextTXT1300Formatted free form text containing detailed information.

Note: Variations on this format containing detailed information from the eligibility/benefit lookup are available by request.