HL7 Import

The HL7 Patient Demographic Socket Interface supports HL7 2.x and parses patient information based on the mapping below.

SEGField IDField NameFormatRequired?MinMaxComments
PIDPatient Information
PID 18.1Patient Account NumberANO130
PID 5.1.1Patient Last NameANY135
PID 5.2Patient First NameANY125
PID 5.3Patient Middle NameANO125
PID 5.5Patient PrefixANO110
PID 5.4Patient SuffixANO110
PID 7Patient Date of BirthDTY1035
PID 8Patient GenderANY11
PID 11.1.1Patient Street 1ANO155
Patient Street 2ONot currently used
PID 11.3Patient CityANO135
PID 11.4Patient StateANO22
PID 11.5Patient Zip 1ANO55
Patient Zip 2ONot currently used
PID 13.1Patient Phone NumberANO1010
Insurance Rank Not currently used
IN1 4.1Insurance NameANC135
Insurance ID QualifierANDefaults to “PI”
IN1 2.1Insurance IDANC180
Insurance TypeANDefaults to “C1”
Insurance Filing IndicatorANDefaults to “11”
IN1 5.1.1Insurance Street 1ANO155
Insurance Street 2ANO155Not currently used
IN1 5.3Insurance CityANO130
IN1 5.4Insurance StateANO22
Group IDANDefaults to “[DEFAULT]”
IN1 5.5Insurance Zip 1ANO55
IN1 5.7.1Insurance Phone NumberANO1010
Relationship to PatientANMapped

SEL -> 18

SPO -> 01

PAR -> 19

S -> 18

Else -> 34
IN1 5.36Policy NumberANC280
IN1 5.8Group NumberANO280
IN1 16.1.1Subscriber Last NameANC135
IN1 16.2Subscriber First NameANC125
IN1 16.3Subscriber Middle NameANO125
IN1 16.5Subscriber PrefixANO110
IN1 16.4Subscriber SuffixANO110
IN1 19.1.1Subscriber Street 1ANO155
Subscriber Street 2ONot currently used
IN1 19.3Subscriber CityANO130
IN1 19.4Subscriber StateANO22
IN1 19.5Subscriber Zip 1ANO55
Subscriber Zip 2ONot currently used
IN1 63.1Subscriber Phone NumberANO1010
PV1Patient Visit
Active FlagDefaults to “Y”
PV1 46Patient BalanceDECO110