You can learn how to integrate healthcare payment solutions using InstaMed Connect by following the instructions and examples in this site. Individual Use case guides can be found on the main menu (like “Collect eCommerce Payments“). You can find information on specific features like Single Sign-On and EOD Payment Posting under the Resources menu.

Reduce Your PCI Scope With InstaMed

InstaMed is PCI Level One compliant and leads the industry in providing solutions for secure healthcare payments. By leveraging options such as Point-To-Point Encryption (P2PE), Single Sign-On (SSO), or InstaMed Secure Token you can significantly reduce your PCI scope. When you implement InstaMed Payments with encryption properly, you can almost completely eliminate the risk of a data breach.

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Integrate InstaMed Solutions Into Your Existing Systems

From Hospital Information System or Practice Management System you can leverage InstaMed’s robust healthcare and payment transaction processing solutions in your healthcare application.

Use InstaMed to offer the following to your customers

  • Collect eCommerce Payments: Make payments to healthcare providers through the InstaMed Patient Portal
  • Collect Merchant Payments: Accept patient payments in the front office, back office, or over the phone
  • Verify Eligibility: Confirm and update patient benefit eligibility
  • Collect Premiums: Accept payments for premiums at the front office, back office, online, or over the phone
  • Embed Member Payments: Integrate payment capabilities into your Member Portal
  • Pay Claims*: Save money by settling claims with healthcare providers electronically
  • Submit Claims*: Simplify claims management to submit cleaner claims and receive payment faster.
  • Receive Remittances*: Reduce costs associated with paper remittances with InstaMed’s Remittance solution.
  • Estimate Responsibility*: Increase payment assurance through patient responsibility estimation


* Please contact us for more information about integrating this option


Make Our Solutions – Your Solutions

  • Embed the InstaMed user interface into your existing application
  • Build your own user interface and leverage the InstaMed API
  • Significantly reduce your PCI scope
  • Pre-populate user data into interface screens
  • Use Single Sign-On to minimize user logins
  • Offer automatic payment plans to your customers
  • And much more…


Contact InstaMed Directly

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