Automatic Payment Collection

Automatically pay bills using payment methods saved in a digital wallet


Features and Benefits

  • Securely store payment methods
  • Manage charge limits for stored methods
  • Future balances automatically collected


  • Payment card or bank account information is entered.
  • Tokens are created to represent the payment method and stored for future use. They can be stored for up to two years, but can only be used within the account they are associated with.  
  • Vendors use the token to process future payments (automatic payments or one-time payments).

Activation Options

  • Automatic payments can be set up in the provider portal by staff on the Patient Payment screen, Payment Plan screen or the Consumer Profile. 
  • Automatic payments can be set up using single sign-on to DoManageCard on File SSO, Payment Plan, Patient Payment, or Consumer Profile.  
  • Using ManageAutomaticPayments or ManageAutomaticPaymentsSingle, automatic payments can be set up in the patient portal by the patient or via SSO.  

Guarantor-based automatic payments are also supported.