Auto Payment Collect Batch Enrollment

Consumers that have elected to use automatic payments, but have not already been enrolled into InstaMed can be enrolled together in a batch format.

Use the following file specification to batch enroll consumers into Automatic Payments


Field #Field NameFormatRequiredNotes / Values
1Record TypeANRAPCH
2Record CountNUMRNumber of records in the file - Record count
3File Create DateDTRDate file is created. Format: MMDDCCYY or MM/DD/CCYY


Field #Field NameFormatRequiredMax LengthNotes / Values
1Record TypeANR4APCD
2Record NumberANR10Value that maps to ack
3InstaMed Account IDANO100Example: [email protected]
4Group IDANC30InstaMed Assigned Group ID value
5InstaMed MST / OutletANC31Format: Merchant-Store-Terminal
6Guarantor IDANO80
7Guarantor First NameANO35
8Guarantor Last NameANO60
9Member IDANR80
10Member First NameANR35Required when "Business Name" is not used
11Member Last NameANR60
12Member Middle NameANO25
13Member Birth DateDTO10Format: MMDDYYYY or MM/DD/YYYY
14Member GenderANO1
15Member Address 1ANO55
16Member Address 2ANO55
17Member CityANO30
18Member StateANO2
20Member Phone NumberANO12Format: XXX-XXX-XXXX or XXXXXXXXXX
21Member EmailANO50
22Account Nick NameANO100
23Account Holder First NameANO50Required when "Business Name" is not used
24Account Holder Last NameANR50
25Account Holder EmailANO200
26Bank Account Routing NumberNUMR9
27Bank Account NumberNUMR50
28Bank Account TypeANRN/AValues: Savings, Business, Checking
29Account Holder Address 1ANO55
30Account Holder Address 2ANO55
31Account Holder CityANO30
32Account Holder StateANO2
33Account Holder ZipANO10Format: XXXXX, XXXXX-XXXX, XXXXXXXXX
34Enable APCANR1Values: Y or N
35Auto Pay LimitANO9
36APC StatusANO12Values: INSERTUPDATE, Blank (Not Populated), or Not Present (Not Included in File)


Field #FieldFormatComments
1Record ID"APCACK"Hardccoded value
2Record NumberNUMMatches "Record Number" on Detail portion
3StatusANA = Accepted; R = Rejected
4Error FieldANField name of error record
5Error ReasonANIDF Acknowledgement Error Codes

0: Bad file
1: Required data element missing
2: Conditional required data missing (due to some dependency)
3: Data too short
4: Data too long
5: Invalid character in data
6: Invalid code value
7: Invalid date
8: Invalid time
9: Invalid data type
10: Not expected length
11: Specific business validation to be added

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