Monthly Fees Report

The merchant monthly fees report provides a breakdown of all fees billed under an InstaMed Account ID including healthcare transactional fees, statement fees, device fees, and payment fees. 

File Name: BillingLineItemsReport-CCYYMMDD-CorporateID.txt
NOTE: CCYYMMDD = last day of billing period (i.e. previous month)

Field #Field NameFormatRequired?MinMaxComment
1Record IDIMBLI10Y77InstaMed Billing Line Items 1.0
2Statement DateDateY88Date in YYYY-MM-DD format
3InvoiceA/NY1118If merchant billing, populated with InstaMed MID, if not merchant billing populated with Invoice Number
4Customer NameA/NY150
5Fee DescriptionA/NY150
6Quantity DecimalN113Count
7AmountDecimalN113Dollar amount
8SubtotalDecimalY113Dollar amount
9Sales TaxDecimalN113Dollar amount
10Total Fee DecimalY113Dollar amount
11Transaction VolumeDecimalY113Dollar Amount