EOD Posting File Lockbox E

Lockbox Version E of the EOD Posting File is known to work with several existing Patient Accounts Receivable systems. Contact your Implementations Manager for further information.

File Name Standard: <Account/Group/Outlet> + “_” + <Configurable Field> + “_” + <Business Date> + “.txt”

  • Date is the processing date of the detail transactions
  • File can be generated by Account, End of Day File Group or Outlet
  • The Configurable Field in the file name is optional and is blank by default

File Format: Pipe Delimited, no Header or Trailer records

Field #Field NameFormatRequired?MinMaxComment
1Transaction IDANY33Constant Value = "GPT".
2Event IDANY33Constant Value = "PMT".
3Batch Close IDANY55Constant Value = "False".
4Batched IndANY44Constant Value = "True".
5Sending ApplicationANY1111Varies by version, contact implementation manager Version E.1 = "US Bank PN".
6Account IDANY412Patient ID from payment form Billing = 4 Characters Encounter = 12 Characters."
7Account ID Type CodeNUMY11Billing = "1" Encounter = "2".
8External Transaction IDANY3232Unique Transaction ID.
9Effective DateDTY88Business date of transaction (CCYYMMDD).
10External Transaction TypeNUMY11Payment = "5" Adjustment = "6".
11Master Financials Transaction IDANY33Billing = "100" Encounter = "104".
12Amount ExtendedNUMYPayment transaction amount is a negative number, adjustment transaction amount is a positive number and decimal point is assumed (e.g., 1.00 is output as 100). No leading zeros.
13Tracking TextANO00Blank.
14Check NameANO1101Check Account Holder Name.
15Check NumberANO150Check Number.
16Credit Card Expiration DateDTO88Expiration date on credit card —CCYYMMDD.
17Credit Card Holder NameANO1121Card Holder Name.
18Credit Card NumberNUMO14Last 4 digits of credit card number.