Member Payments Webhook

Real-time Post back functionality enables the payer’s member portal to be updated with payment data using the Payment Status Update notification. The Payment Status Update notification works as follows:

  1. When a payment is submitted by the member (Authorized), InstaMed sends a notification to payer in real-time including the CLMREF. If the message fails, InstaMed stores a record in a queue. InstaMed then runs a report and attempts to send messages. If a message fails, InstaMed stores the message in the queue. At the same time InstaMed sends messages that are stuck in the queue. Implementation Details:
  2. Statuses for which InstaMed sends payment notifications:
    • Authorizations – Yes
    • Declines – No
    • Settlement – No
    • Settlement Error – Same transaction
    • Chargeback – Yes – New Transaction ID
    • Return – Yes – New Transaction ID
    • Void – Yes – Same Transaction ID
    • Refund – Yes – New Transaction ID
  3. The job for Authorizations will run real-time; the other statuses will be updated by a job that runs once a day

PLEASE NOTE: Authentication is not available for Member Payments when using the InstaMed Webhook interface

Webhook Examples

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