EOD Posting File Lockbox A

Lockbox Version A of the EOD Posting File is known to work with several existing Patient Accounts Receivable systems. Contact your Implementations Manager for further information.

File Name Standard: <Corporate ID> + <ReportGroupID> + “_” + <ReportGroupName> + “_” + YYYYMMDD + “.txt”

  • Date is the processing date of the detail transactions
  • Report Group ID and Name are included only if End of Day File Groups are configured
  • If End of Day File Groups are not configured, the Merchant ID is returned in the file name between the Corporate ID and date

File Format: Fixed Position, Fixed Width

Record Code1ANConstant Value = "H".
Capture Date2-9DTYYYYMMDDBusiness Date for transactions.
Lockbox Number10-15ANZero FilledLast 6 digits of the Merchant ID. If EOD Posting File Groups are configured, the Merchant ID is replaced by the Report Group ID.
Report Group IDs must be numeric and cannot exceed 6 characters.
Detail Record
Record Code1ANConstant Value = "D".
Capture Date2-9DT - YYYYMMDDBusiness date of transaction, same as header.
Check Number10-19NUMRight Justified/Zero FilledAll zeros if cash or card.
Paid Amount20-34NUMRight Justified/Zero Filled
Guarantor Account Number35-54ANPatient ID from payment form.
Payment Source55-60NUMTender/Card Type
Payment Procedure61-66NUMDefault = "000001" or Transaction Code from payment form.
Trailer Record
Record Code1ANConstant Value = "T".
Total File Amount2-16NUMNo Decimal PointSum total of all Detail transaction amounts.
File Total Payment Count17-26NUMSum total of Detail transaction count.