EOD Posting File 1.2/1.2 CR

The 1.2 version of EOD Posting File includes additional fields which are not available in the 1.1 or 1.0 versions.

Record ID: IMDPA12

File Format: Piped Delimited

Field #Field NameFormatRequired?MinMaxComment
1Record ID"IMDPA12"Y77
2Merchant IDANY150The unique ID associated with your merchant processing account, which will be given by your Implementations Manager.
3Store IDANY150Default value is 1.
4Terminal IDANY150May differ by location (at no extra cost to the provider) to enhance security and reporting.
5Payment Transaction TypeANY135Supported values are: "CreditCard," "eCheck," "DebitCard" and "Cash."
6Payment Transaction ActionANY135Supported values are: "AuthCapt", "Credit", and "Return"
7AmountDECOAlways positive decimal value.  Payment Transaction Action = "Credit" should cause this field to be interpreted as a refund.
8Card TypeANO125This field is returned when the transaction type is CreditCard.  Values include: "VISA," "MC," "AMEX," "DISCOVER" and "OTHER."
9Transaction IDANY150This is a unique ID assigned by InstaMed, e.g., "3c4fabfad61e47e4aa10b52529476529."
10Authorization NumberANS150
11Transaction DateDTY1414Date/time in CCYYMMDDHHMMSS format.
12Transaction Status CodeANY110Supported values are: A, C, CB, D, RI, S, SE, V

See Transaction Status Codes.
13Patient LastNameANO150
14Patient FirstNameANO150
15Patient MiddleNameANO150
16Patient Account NumberANO150
17Patient Address 1ANO1150
18Patient Address 2ANO1150
19Patient CityANO150
20Patient StateANO130
21Patient ZipCodeANO115
22AdditionalInfo1ANO1100User-defined fields captured with the payment transaction.
23AdditionalInfo2ANO1100See AdditionalInfo1 comments.
24AdditionalInfo3ANO1100See AdditionalInfo1 comments.
25AdditionalInfo4ANO1100See AdditionalInfo1 comments.
26AdditionalInfo5ANO1100See AdditionalInfo1 comments.
27AdditionalInfo6ANO1100See AdditionalInfo1 comments.
28UserANO1100May also include punctuation (e.g., "@" or ".").
29Transaction CodeANO150Note: Transaction codes are passed in the EOD Posting file rather than descriptions. Consult your Implementations Manager to configure Transaction Codes on your account.
30Market SegmentANO115Supported values are: Check – "POP," "ARC," "WEBTEL," Credit Card – "MOTO," "RETAIL" and "ECOM."

See Market Segment Codes.
31Is SwipedANS11Supported values are: "Y" or "N" indicating whether the card was swiped or not.
34Patient Medical Record NumberANO180 
35Patient DOBDTO1414
36Patient CountryANO150
37Patient Phone NumberANO113
38Account/Card Holder Address 1ANO1150
39Account/Card Holder Address 2ANO1150
40Account/Card Holder CityANO150
41Account/Card Holder StateANO22
42Account/Card Holder ZipCodeANO515
43Account/Card Holder CountryANO150
44Account/Card Holder Phone NumberANO113
45Account/Card Holder Email AddressANO150
46Estimated AmountDECO
47Reason CodeANO150
48Check NumberANO150
49Check AccountTypeANO150Possible values are: checking, saving and business.
50Taken At Merchant IDANO150
51Taken At Store IDANO150
52Taken At Terminal IDANO150
53AdditionalCode 1ANO1100Reserved for future use.
54AdditionalCode 2ANO1100Reserved for future use.
55AdditionalCode 3ANO1100Reserved for future use.
56AdditionalCode 4ANO1100Reserved for future use.
57AdditionalCode 5ANO1100Reserved for future use.
58AdditionalCode 6ANO1100Reserved for future use.
59Credit Card NumberANO016All digits are masked with “*” except the last four.
60Check Account NumberANO030All digits are masked with “*” except the last four.
61Original Payment TransactionANO3232
62Field61ANO1100Reserved for future use.