EOD Posting File Lockbox B

Lockbox Version B of the EOD Posting File is known to work with several existing Patient Accounts Receivable systems.  Contact your Implementations Manager for further information.

File Name Standard: <M|K> + “_” + CCYYMMDD + <Account/Group ID/Outlet> + “.pmt”

  • File can be generated by Account, End of Day File Group or Outlet.

File Format: Fixed Position, Fixed Width

Record Type1-2AN"00" = Header Record.
Agency Code3-8ANSpace FilledBlank.
Agency Fee9-18NUMRight Justified/Space FilledBlank.
Total Number of Payments19-24NUMRight Justified/Zero Filled
Total Payment Amounts25-34NUMRight Justified/Zero FilledNo Decimal Point"
Patient Payment Transaction Code35-39ANP0000 or P.
Total Number of Adjustments40-45NUMZero FilledAll Zeros.
Total Adjustment Amount46-55NUMZero FilledAll Zeros.
Patient Adjustment transaction Code56-60ANSpace FilledBlank.
Filler61-250ANSpace FilledBlank.
Transaction Record
Record Type1-2ANConstant Value = "01".
Patient Account Number3-12ANRight Justified/Zero FilledIf Patient Account Number is greater than 10 characters, the last 10 characters are used.
Facility Indicator13ANUpper CaseFirst character of the Patient Account Number ("K," "M" or blank).
Patient last Name14-28ANRight Justified/Zero Filled
Patient First Name29-40ANRight Justified/Zero Filled
Patient Middle Initial41ANRight Justified/Zero Filled Upper Case
Transaction Type42AN"Payment = "P" No Adjustments.
DT Paid43-48DTMMDDYYBusiness date of transaction.
Payment Amount Indicator49AN"Positive = "0" Negative = "-"."
Payment Amount50-59NUMRight Justified/Zero Filled No Decimal Point
Payment Type60ANCard = "C" All other transaction types = "A".
Credit Card or Bank Account Owner Name61-100ANRight Justified/Zero FilledCard Holder Name for card transactions and Bank Account Holder Name for check transactions.
Credit Card Type101-125NUMRight Justified/Zero FilledFor card transactions only: "AMEX," "VISA," "MASTERCARD," "DISCOVER" or "OTHER".
Credit Card or Bank Account Number (last 4 digits)126-129NUMRight Justified/Zero FilledThe last 4 digits of the Card Number for card transactions. If Field 11 = "A," this is the last 4 digits of the Bank Account.
Confirmation Code130-159ANRight Justified/Zero FilledAuthorization Number for card and check transactions.
Filler160-250ANSpace FilledBlank.