Enhanced Enrollment File

Automatic Payments Sign Up File With eStatements Enrollment with Indicators 

InstaMed will output a daily full extract of those who signed up for Automatic payments solution. 

By default, the daily output is all who signed up for Automatic Payments.   The ITCR will use the following script: [util_EODPosting_Insert]  

File name: CorpID+FileNameTag+BusinessDate.txt 

Frequency: Daily at 1:00 AM PT 

Format: Pipe delimited with no header record 

Field #Field NameFormatMinMaxReq'dComment
Record ID AN IMPPE3 
Patient Account Number AN 80   
Client ID AN 80 Mutually defined customer Identifier - Practice Level 
Patient Last Name AN 35   
Patient First Name AN 25   
Patient Middle Name AN 25   
Patient Date of Birth DT CCYYMMDD 
Patient Email Address AN 50 Is separate value than Effective Email. 
Provider ID AN 80 Mutually defined customer Identifier - Location Level 
10 APC Enrolled AN Yes/No 
11 eStatements Enrolled AN Yes/No 
12 Patient Portal Enrollment Status AN 50 Yes/No 
13 APC Charge Limit DEC 25 NextGen to capture charge limit for patients enrolledin APC 
14 Notification Email Address AN 50 Use the PPP user's email unless not populated, then use patient record email 
15 Notification Mobile Phone #  AN 10 10 Use the PPP user's phone number unless not populated, then use patient record phone number