Payment Deposit File 3.0

Non-patient payment deposits that include the below fields.

File Name Standard:<NPAR> + “_” + <InstaMed> + “_” + <BusinessDate> + “.txt”
  • The business date referenced in the file name standard above is expected to be the current date of business the file is transmitted/sent
  • Date Format: YYYYMMDD
File Format: Fixed Position, Fixed Width, No Header Record
Detail Record
Record Type (F1)1-2ANConstant Value = “F1”.
Deposit Effective Date3-10DTLeft Justified/Space FilledAppx. Date transaction is deposited into bank account.  Format YYYYMMDD.
Transaction Date11-18DTLeft Justified/Space FilledDate transaction is processed in InstaMed.   Format YYYYMMDD.
Payment Amount19-28NUMRight Justified/Space Filled No Decimal Point
Payment Identifier29-38NUMRight Justified/Space Filled No Decimal PointUnique number assigned to each payment line. 
Customer Number39-44NUMRight Justified/Zero Filled
Invoice Number45-52NUMLeft Justified/Space Filled
Trailer Record
Record Type (T2)1-2ANConstant Value = “T2”
Number of payments3-12NUMRight Justified/Zero FilledCount of F1 records.
Total Payments13-22NUMRight Justified/Zero FilledSum of payment amounts of all F1 records. Decimal point is assumed.
Total Records23-32NUMRight Justified/Zero FilledCount of all F1 and T2 records.